In certain parts of the country, people are walking through snowdrifts in freezing temperatures. Meanwhile, in Florida, we're enjoying our steady 70 degree winter weather. Though sudden temperature drops occasionally urge us to break out our coats, we're fortunate not to experience the extremely cold weather people in northern or Midwestern states are experiencing – though it would be nice to build a snowman or wear a sweater occasionally. 

Record highs and lows across the country
Even though it's in the middle of winter, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently announced that 2016 will go down in history as the world's warmest year yet and the second warmest year for the contiguous United States. According to the report, the average minimum temperature for the country was 43.1 degrees, which is the warmest on record. Additionally, the nation experienced the third highest warmest average maximum temperature. 

"2016 will go down in history as the world's warmest year yet."

Aside from the year's heat, several areas of the country experienced no rainfall for 50 days or more during the fall. This led to 36 percent of the southeast undergoing mild to extreme drought conditions at its worst point. For Florida especially, Hurricane Matthew was also the first Atlantic Category 5 hurricane since 2007 and caused widespread flooding and destruction. Many scientists in the report attributed these record high temperatures directly to greenhouse gases and general problems associated with climate change. 

Regarding previous data, scientists and climate analysts predict that this year will likely be as warm or warmer than 2016. If you are a Florida homeowner that wants to stay cool without amassing expensive utility bills, consider these four ways to stay cool in 2017:

1. Shut your blinds or curtains
If you don't mind blocking out the beautiful Florida sunshine, consider shutting your blinds or drawing your curtains on particularly warm or sunny days. While it won't completely block out the heat, it can cool down some of the hardest hit sunny areas of your home. Some people even benefit from installing window films or solar sun screens.

2. Go old school
Put box fans in your windows, facing outward to push hot air out of your home, rather can pulling it indoors. You can also adjust your ceiling fans to run counter-clockwise to pull warm air up and out of your home. While fans might not be ideal at cooling down your house completely on sweltering days, they can help give your air conditioning a much-needed break. 

"Now is the time to install replacement windows."

3. Make sure your home is well insulated
If your home is not properly insulated, hot air will seep right inside. Additionally, if you have leaks or cracks around your windows or doors, your cool air may be blowing right out of your house. To stop this and keep your indoors cool all summer long, caulk up any cracks and hire a professional to install more insulation in you attic or in high-priority areas of your home. 

4. Upgrade to energy-efficient windows
Energy-efficient windows are beneficial for trapping cool air indoors, keeping the heat out and lowering your monthly utility bills. High-quality models offer eVantage 366 Glass to protect you from the elements, while the vacuum sealed frame will keep your windows leak free for years to come. Now is the time to install replacement windows before the hot weather rolls in.

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