When you want your house to make a big, bold statement, picture windows might be the choice for you. Other types of windows just can't boast the same look, and the simplicity of these windows can be one of the best things about them. Appropriately sized and fitted, a picture window truly can say a thousand words.

Here are some other advantages you get when you add picture windows to your home. 

1. Show off the view
Florida is full of great views, so why not put them in the spotlight? Because they don't use crosspieces or other ornaments, picture windows offer a clear look at the outdoors, and that can speak for itself. In a living room, kitchen or even hallway, seeing the outdoors can be a memorable part of your home's architecture.

By going with one or more of these picture windows, you can turn any space in your house into one with great visual appeal, and perhaps make it more valuable to future buyers as well. Whether tall or long, these windows can be a clear improvement for your home that visitors see immediately.

"Picture windows let light into a room and can help create a certain mood."

2. Get lots of light in the home
Placed in the right spots, picture windows let light into a room and can help create a certain mood, even if you only use one. Houzz gave several examples, from placing multiple windows together so they encompass a whole wall or using them as a large light source for your bathroom or bedroom.

Of course, you might need a specific custom window to fit into your home, scaled to your house's proportions. The same Houzz article also showed a picture of rooms where picture windows sit above or nearby other types. The key point is that you can get the benefits of a bright, sunny room, and perhaps even redefine your entire home with enough windows to add to the building.

3. New interior design ideas
Once you have these great-looking windows in your home, you may have some new ideas about how to arrange your furniture in each and every room they appear in. A nice look at the outside world that also floods the room with light can be an obvious focal point that helps you decide where to put living room couches and televisions, or kitchen and dining room tables.

You can also decorate around the windows themselves in these spaces, with chairs, plants or curtains. Treating it like a chance to restyle your home could be a great opportunity. 

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