Tips Dealing with Unusual and Different Types of Window Shapes

Every home will have its own unique structure, and that can include windows in odd shapes and locations. This may be especially true for older buildings, or those built aside from the typical cookie-cutter style of many modern houses.

Seemingly small design quirks can still be tough to work around, but it’s worth it for that extra detail that makes your home stand out. Here are some ways to maintain windows no matter what their size or style.

Cleaning High Interior Windows

If your “problem window” is in a high place or otherwise hard to reach, you should plan out what kind of ladder or extension you’ll need. You don’t just have to worry about falling while cleaning: you’ll also need to remember if the glint from the sun will affect your vision.

Test your ladder and cleaning brushes before using them and move methodically across the window to get an even result. Make sure you have enough room to get the right angle for scrubbing, wherever the window is placed.

Long and Narrow Window Treatments for Privacy

Some houses place a row of tall, skinny windows together for a kind of strobe effect. Houzz said that one example of this uses “gauzy glass” to make the inside of the home less visible. Whether it’s the type of glass itself or some sort of overlay, your window can both be a distinctive part of the home and leave you feeling secure.

“Your window can both be a distinctive part of the home and leave you feeling secure.”

As an added bonus, the type of film you use could make the window itself more attractive inside, perhaps through a pattern or the way it interacts with the light. This could be an especially good touch for bathrooms, bedrooms or other spaces that need a little bit of separation from the world outside.

Framing a Transom Window

Whatever shape they’re in, the windows above and around an entry door can depend on their trim for the right impact. This can be because it helps the window as a whole fit in with the overall style around it. Fix these frames by removing them entirely for priming and finishing, which can also help keep the color current with whatever shade you use for the rest of the doorway.

Is the wood itself deteriorating? This can also be a reason to remove the frame so you can replace it entirely with a new piece that will last longer. Work bit by bit can help you focus on each stage of the process, and the final product can end up looking as good as new.

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The front of our house has a whole new look due to the change in windows. We love it!
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