Tips for Replacing Your Bathroom Windows

If the windows in your bathroom are old and no longer performing as they’re supposed to, it’s time to find replacement windows that will fit your needs. Unlike the rest of your home, there are some special considerations for a bathroom window replacement project.

Here are a few factors to consider as you explore the different replacement windows available for your bathroom:

Maintenance & Use

The bathroom is a busy place, so you will want to choose a style of window that is easy to use. Windows that are resistant to rotting, moisture, and temperature extremes will work the best, as you want high-quality windows that will last as long as possible. Vinyl can handle excess moisture, won’t rot like wood, and can easily be wiped down.

Energy Efficiency

One of the challenges of any bathroom is having a room that is at an even temperature, particularly with the heat generated by the sun in Southern locales. To help keep the room cool and comfortable, consider purchasing windows with a Low-E glass coating, as they will block a majority of the sun’s heat, reducing the bathroom’s temperature.


If you want some privacy in your bathroom and don’t want to invest in window treatments, which often get in the way, textured or tinted glass is certainly an option for you to explore. These windows will still provide natural light and ventilation to the bathroom and have a stylish look, all while keeping the interior of your home private from the outside world.

Which Types of Windows Can I Put in My Bathroom?

Choosing the right windows for your bathroom can be tough. You might want to consider moisture-resistant options with frosted or obscured glass, which provide privacy while still allowing natural light. Awning or casement windows, which open outward, can also enhance ventilation without compromising privacy.

How Do I Measure My Bathroom Windows for Replacement?

Measuring your bathroom windows accurately is essential if you want to ensure a successful replacement project. You should measure the width and height of the window frame from inside the room and note the smallest measurements. This ensures a snug fit and enables you to select the right size of replacement windows.

Are There Bathroom Windows That Provide Privacy Without Sacrificing Light?

Enjoying privacy in your bathroom doesn’t mean sacrificing natural light. You can choose options with frosted or decorative glass that obscures views from the outside while still allowing natural sunlight to stream in. Another option to consider is top-down or bottom-up blinds, which allow light to enter while maintaining privacy.

The South’s Trusted Choice for Replacement Windows

NewSouth Window Solutions offers American-made, factory-direct replacement windows that are attractive, eco-friendly, and engineered for harsh southern climates. We’d be happy to handle your bathroom window replacement project using our factory-direct vinyl windows that are attractive, durable, and easy to maintain.

Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation in-home consultation.

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