The type of windows you choose for your home need to fit in aesthetically, but they also can keep costs low and be energy efficient in the meantime. Today we’ll look at why you might use sliding windows and what the immediate advantages will be. Double-hung windows might be more common, but there are some real reasons to go for the horizontal-opening style that you might not be aware of.

1. Visual appeal
Sometimes, a horizontal window just fits better. A Houzz article stressed this as one of the reasons you might put these windows in your home, especially if there are already “other designs that stress horizontality” in it. In practical terms, that means that your home’s general architecture could be a good place for sliding windows.

Also, take the location of the home into account. Have a great view of the yard and want to show it off? Large horizontal windows could be the perfect opportunity for that, and could fit in kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms alike.

“Horizontal windows might be simpler to operate and open in your home.”

2. Easy access
Depending on how they’re set up, horizontal windows might be simpler to operate and open in your home. You won’t have to reach up high the way you might for other windows and they should glide along the tracks to allow you to let a breeze flow in.

You can treat each of the separate panes differently if you’d prefer, seeing how they’re separated. As an added bonus, this could let you reach things right outside of the window frame, such as a birdfeeder, and give you a custom advantage that way. Essentially, you get the same type of feeling as a transom or casement window without having to worry about swinging the pane open, either into the home or out of it.

3. Low cost
There are three ways that horizontal windows can save you money. First of all, they can cost less initially, especially if you’re choosing the basic versions as Houzz described. Secondly, the relatively low maintenance costs can shave off your budget, demanding less of you over time and being more durable.

Finally, like all windows, high quality products with an ENERGY STAR rating can prove efficient, meaning there’s less loss of heat and the windows themselves lower your utilities bills. ENERGY STAR judges windows based on several factors, including its Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and U-Factor. If you’ve already used sliding windows before, you can replace them with more energy-friendly models to renovate.

4. Style options
You can still dress up a sliding window or choose special frames for it the way you might with another type. Put a bar top-style ledge on the outdoor side or add some cross pieces to give the window some flair. The unique method these windows use to open could inspire you and help find a way for your home to stand out.

Find out more about sliding windows here. You can also fill out our quote form to get a price for your project, whatever kind of window you want.

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