Here are some tips to consider when choosing replacement windows:

  • Create a budget: One of the first things you will need to do is come up with a budget for you to stick to. You should do your homework and find out what nice windows cost, and then take a look at what your personal finances can actually handle. This will give you a solid point where you can start looking around and making decisions. However, remember that you get what you pay for.
  • Educate yourself: All windows are not created equal, so be careful with what choices you ultimately make. NewSouth offers a variety of different styles and models, all of which come with a lifetime warranty. Making the right decision will be crucial here, as you will be looking at and through these windows for the foreseeable future.
  • Know your goals: It is also important that you know why your windows are going to be replaced. Are you looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home, its comfort, save on your energy bill, or some combination of the three? Different windows will offer their own strengths and weaknesses, so knowing your goals will help you make the ultimate decision.
  • Prioritize the details: Once you know what the available options are, you can prioritize what you actually need and want. What is an absolute must, and what is simply nice to have? This will help you understand where to spend a little extra and where to save.

NewSouth's American-made, factory-direct windows and doors will make your home cool and eco-friendly while keeping it in line with the Sunshine State's new energy standards at the same time! We know Floridians best because we're Made in Florida, For Florida Homes, By Florida Workers.

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The front of our house has a whole new look due to the change in windows. We love it!
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