Have you considered building an energy-efficient home? Even if you're planning to remodel your current house, you might want to look into energy efficient designs or strategies. The initial investment may be worth it due to the long-term financial savings. Two other main reasons you should build an energy-efficient residence are that your home will have higher resale value on the market and you may be more comfortable indoors, according to Residential Energy Services Network.

For those who plan to implement energy-efficient elements in their home's design, Energy.gov recommends a whole-house systems approach to maximize savings. This includes paying attention to your house's layout and any appliances or variables that could impact energy usage. A few of these areas you might want to watch out for include:

1. Pay attention to air tightness and insulation
During the hot summer months, hot air seeps in through leaks in older or poorly designed buildings. This same issue occurs during cold winter months when warm air creeps out of cracks or due to a lack of insulation. To keep this from happening with your new home, pay attention to air tightness and how builders insulate your home. After all, you can have the most environmentally friendly heating and air system, but it won't be nearly as effective if your home can't keep air in or out. 

"Choose ENERGY STAR qualified appliances."

2. Choose the right heating and air solutions
There are plenty of innovative thermostats on the market, such as the Nest, that will keep your home's temperature regulated, even while you're away. When it comes to your heating and air system itself, choose an ENERGY STAR or other energy-efficient model that won't cost you an arm and a leg each month on your utility bill.

3. Buy energy-efficient appliances
Choose ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers and stoves, for your home. As ENERGY STAR states that appliances account for an estimated 20 percent of total household energy use, you want to choose energy-efficient models that will save you more than you would with a standard appliance. Additionally, ENERGY STAR products offer improved quality and durability, along with enhanced performance. If your appliances last longer and use less energy, you can benefit from these savings for years to come.

"The sunshine state is a great for renewable energy."

4. Consider being powered by the sun
While every homeowner can't choose to install solar panels, the sunshine state is a great area of the country for this specific kind of renewable energy. Though solar panels may be a large initial investment, Solar Energy Industries Association explains that there are federal and local rebates for solar system owners across the country. These help offset hefty costs and make it more accessible for homeowners to become energy efficient and lessen their fossil fuel dependency.

5. Install energy-efficient windows and doors
Energy-efficient windows and doors are typically designed with low-emissive glass, foam enhanced frames and argon gas fills that will put money back in your pocket each month and help you stay comfortable during the sweltering summer months. Instead of having to blast the air conditioning on those 100 degree and 100 percent humidity days, you can stay cool all season long.

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