Are Hurricane Windows Soundproof?

If you’re purchasing hurricane windows, the primary reason is likely to help your home withstand the powerful wind conditions that come with hurricanes and tropical storms. However, due to the superior design of hurricane windows, they can come with many other benefits such as sound elimination.  If you are living in a particularly noisy area, it may be hard to deal with the constant stream of noise coming from outside, and hurricane windows can help prevent that.

It’s important to note that no residential window will be able to block out every sound all of the time. However, a high-quality impact window will feature high sound eliminating abilities that can block the vast majority of outside noise. If you desire soundproof windows, you can check to ensure the window model you’re purchasing is a uPVC window. This is because these windows have excellent sound eliminating qualities due to the premiumsealing they are made with.

Reliable Sound Eliminating Hurricane Windows

By turning to NewSouth Window Solutions for sound eliminating hurricane windows, you’ll be able to feel confident knowing that you’re receiving year-round protection. In addition to the sound eliminating qualities, you’ll receive windows that are specially engineered with metal-reinforced solid uPVC frames and ultra-tough laminated glass. NewSouth is so confident in its windows that they are backed by one of the nation’s best warranties – a lifetime warranty that covers both the impact windows and their installation.

If you’re interested in having your windows replaced, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today. We’d be happy to schedule an initial design consultation where we will measure all of your windows and provide you with a price quote.

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