Because we're getting further into summer, there's a chance you may finally have the time and money set aside to get some renovations done. If you live in an area with lots of tumultuous weather on the horizon, then it's obvious you may want to reinforce your home to keep the windows strong and leave your house in better shape in general.

It helps to not wait until danger is right on your doorstep, since you can feel more assured about your current odds this way instead of having no control over your home. Windows can be at risk when weather gets rough, so if you put serious effort into replacement, you may be able to avert further problems, too.

"Hurricane or impact windows could be your first choice no matter what time of year it is."

The different options
Sometimes, the right move may be to add safety features to your existing windows instead of replacing them completely. Storm windows, for example, can be seen as a possible alternative. The Department of Energy said that they can fit different frames, such as aluminum and wood, fitting neatly into place and working as a nice add-on for older homes.

Replacement windows, however, can offer much more peace of mind, especially if there is notable damage with your current windows themselves. This can come out in small signs, such as condensation or mold, as well as more obvious ones, like clear fractures with the glass or problems with the mechanism. If you can't guarantee that it will hold up after rain and wind arrive, then it could be in your interest to schedule a full replacement.

What to consider
If you live in a storm prone area, then hurricane or impact windows could be your first choice no matter what time of year it is. The irregular weather itself could be enough motivation, but when it comes time to buy the windows themselves, you'll want to think about other important factors. Some of these will be:

  • Durability: This applies not just to the window glass itself, but the frame, hardware and other components. You should ask questions and make sure that the entire window unit is built to last.
  • Number of panes: Hurricane windows can require multiple panes of glass, which can add to the layers present, especially if the glass is rated correctly for your location.
  • Size and placement: Be aware of whether there are any trees or other objects which could fall over and break your windows during windstorms.

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