The Benefits of Upgrading to Impact Windows

Upgrade your home with impact windows and enjoy a multitude of benefits that enhance security, reduce monthly expenses, and increase your property’s resale value. Discover the advantages of impact windows that go beyond a simple home renovation, making them a worthwhile investment for homeowners and businesses alike.

Enhanced Security and ROI

One of the remarkable features of impact windows is their ability to pay for themselves over time while surpassing the performance of other home upgrades. Unlike single-room renovations, impact windows provide a significant return on investment for your entire property. Whether you plan to enjoy the benefits directly or pass them on to future homeowners, impact windows offer immediate and long-term advantages.

Noise Reduction

Impact windows feature laminated glass, which effectively reduces external noise. Experience tranquility within your home as impact windows create a barrier against unwanted sounds, providing you with a peaceful and serene living environment.

Time-Saving Qualities

The cumbersome task of putting up shutters every time there’s an inclement weather warning on the news can be tiresome and potentially hazardous. In contrast, impact windows require installation only once. Say goodbye to the repetitive process of shutter and screen removals and the subsequent cleaning they entail. Opting for impact windows offers the convenience of long-lasting protection with minimal effort.

Protection Against Flying Debris

Unlike shutters and screens that require periodic maintenance and cleaning, impact windows offer enduring protection with reduced maintenance. Leading impact window manufacturers provide glass tints that minimize heat transmission, as well as an inner layer of argon gas to reflect outdoor heat. These windows are engineered to withstand the impact of debris so you can rest assured that they will not shatter into dangerous shards upon impact.

Deter Break-in Attempts

In addition to safeguarding against wind damage and flying debris, impact windows serve as a strong deterrent against forced break-ins. This innovative technology ensures the safety of your family, protecting them from both severe weather conditions and break-in attempts.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Upgrade to energy-efficient impact windows and experience potential monthly savings of hundreds of dollars. These windows effectively reduce heat gain during summer months and retain heat inside your home during the winter, resulting in substantial energy savings. The U.S. Department of Energy even recommends the installation of energy-efficient impact windows across the country. Traditional windows, known for their poor energy efficiency, account for a significant portion of the average homeowner’s heating and cooling costs. By choosing impact windows, you can eliminate this wasteful expenditure and enjoy lower energy bills.

Upgrade to Impact Windows Today

Why settle for outdated window technology when you can enjoy the unparalleled benefits of energy-efficient impact windows? With their attractive appearance, enhanced security features, and customization options, impact windows provide an all-in-one solution for your home. Make the wise choice and contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to upgrade to impact windows.

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