Can You Break Impact Windows?

Can You Break Impact Windows?It should come as no surprise that the main purpose of impact windows is to withstand all impacts that can be caused by severe storms, intense winds, and forced entry attempts. However, this can lead to the question as to whether or not there is any way to actually break an impact window. In the case of most impact windows, they are designed to never shatter similar to the windshield of your car. This means that it is virtually impossible to break your impact windows.

While breaking through your windows is possible with enough force and persistence, impact windows are the perfect choice if you’re worried about home break-ins because the amount of time it would take to break through a window would make it too time-consuming for burglars who rely on speed and stealth.

NewSouth Window Solutions Offers Highly Durable Impact Windows

Homeowners in the Sunshine State who desire impact windows for added protection at their residence should look no further than the professionals at NewSouth Window Solutions. We have proudly served the area since 2010 and in that time we have become well known for providing high-quality iVantage windows that are designed to withstand everything Mother Nature has to offer. We feel so strongly about the impact windows we offer that we provide an impressive lifetime warranty with each installation.

To learn more about the impressive impact windows we offer to homeowners in the Sunshine State, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today. When you do, make sure to ask about the convenient financing options available to homeowners who qualify.

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