Can You Replace Wood Windows With Vinyl?

Can You Replace Wood Windows With Vinyl?In most cases, you can and absolutely should replace your wood-frame windows with vinyl windows. Although high-quality wood-frame windows are beautiful and can provide an acceptable level of thermal performance if they’re constructed with energy-efficient glass, wooden windows require a lot of elbow grease to keep them looking up to par. Moreover, if your existing wood windows have single-pane glass, you’ll definitely want to explore your options for better-built, energy-efficient vinyl windows that can help you cut your cooling and heating bills.

However, there are two important exceptions to consider before you replace your wood windows with vinyl. If you live in a historic home that’s regulated by a historic preservation board, or your home or condo is in a deed-restricted community, it’s a good idea to check with the appropriate regulatory or homeowners association board to get approval before replacing your existing windows with any type of window.

Vinyl Windows vs. Wood Windows

The quality of the vinyl that goes into the frames and sashes of a vinyl replacement window plays a big role in its durability and energy efficiency, and not all vinyl windows boast top-caliber materials and workmanship. This comparison assumes that both the vinyl- and wood-frame windows in question are made from premium materials using industry-best construction practices.


High-quality vinyl windows typically cost significantly less than their wood counterparts, and they’re likely to cost less to maintain as the years go by.


Vinyl-frame windows are impervious to termites and wood rot, while even top-of-the-line wood windows are susceptible.

Energy Efficiency

A well-built vinyl window equipped with ENERGY STAR® features can be a better bet for energy efficiency than its similarly equipped wood counterpart simply because any deterioration of the wood can lead to air infiltration that reduces thermal performance.

Advantages of Turning to NewSouth Window Solutions

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