What are the Benefits of Replacement Windows for Each Season?

Are you tired of wasting energy and worrying about potential damage to your home due to severe weather conditions? If so, enhancing your residence with replacement windows will grant you many benefits during each season. In the winter months, it is essential that you are able to keep your home’s temperature stable because as Florida homeowners, we are prone to...

Standard vs Impact Windows for Florida Homeowners

Don’t settle for a low-quality window when shopping for new windows for your home. There are many benefits associated with all types of windows but selecting a standard window over an impact window may be a costly mistake come hurricane season. One of the greatest myths about impact windows is that they aren’t available in all of the same styles...

Are Impact Windows Required in Florida?

Homeowners throughout the Sunshine State have long known that impact windows are an essential piece of your home, especially during hurricane season. However, it is often asked whether or not impact windows are required in the state of Florida. The answer is quite simple – it depends on what county you live in. However, when upgrade the windows at your...

Does Energy-Efficient Window Glass Help with HVAC Costs?

Are the windows on your home old, outdated, or drafty? If so, it is time to replace them with an energy efficient solution. You’re not doing yourself any favors wasting energy by allowing heat transfer to occur within your home. Thankfully, there are several options for homeowners that are looking for ways to enhance their energy efficiency while also searching...

Will Hurricane Windows Withstand a Cat 5 Hurricane?

Homeowners in Florida are always well aware that the next big storm could be just a couple months away. And, with that knowledge comes the responsibility that it is due time to create a safer home for our families. One of the questions that comes up time and again is whether or not hurricane windows are actually strong enough to...

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