Prevent home damage during hurricanes: Part 2 [Video]

Hello, and thanks for joining us. Last time, we discussed the importance of having impact resistant windows and doors to protect your home from harmful hurricanes. Let's look closer at the high costs of water intrusion during a storm. Without proper protection, wind-borne debris can create large openings of your windows and doors and disastrous water damage will result. The...

Prevent home damage during hurricanes: Part 1 [Video]

Greetings, and thanks for tuning in! While Florida provides plenty of beach days, the Sunshine State also falls prey to hurricanes. As a homeowner, there are steps you can take to protect your home and your family. The most severe hurricane damage occurs when wind-borne debris penetrates the home. Windows, doors and garage doors are the most susceptible. In extreme circumstances...

Why should you replace your home’s windows? Part 2 [Video]

In addition to improving the curb appeal and value of your home, replacing your windows will also improve your indoor life. While many are aware of the energy-efficiency new windows offer, there are numerous other benefits to installing replacement windows for your home. Do you have noisy neighbors or live on a busy street? Installing double-paned windows with argon gas...

Why should you replace your home’s windows? Part 1 [Video]

If your home's windows are cracking, and your utility bills are skyrocketing, you know without a doubt that it's time for new windows. In this series, we will outline the money saving and comfort related benefits. New windows will instantly improve the curb-appeal of your home. You can say goodbye to old peeling windows when you install new energy-efficient double-pane...

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