Factory-Direct Windows That Come With Expert Installation Services for Homeowners in Davie, FL

Protecting your home from hurricanes just comes with the territory when you live in Davie, Florida. So when you need new windows, why not turn to the Florida-based manufacturer that’s made it our mission to build the ideal windows for coastal Florida homes? The replacement windows from NewSouth Window Solutions are impact and weather-resistant, as well as designed for optimal energy efficiency in the Sunshine State climate. Moreover, when you partner with us, your window installation will be included in your factory-direct purchase.

The Importance of Getting an Expert Window Installation

One of the top reasons for premature window failure is improper installation. Advanced energy-efficient windows like the ones we manufacture are designed with multiple panes, and the space between them is filled with insulating gas to block heat transfer. An improperly installed window is likely to shift over time, and that puts undue pressure on the window seal. If it breaks, the gas fill will escape, and air and moisture can make their way into your home, thus negating the energy efficiency benefits of your new window.

Additionally, when it comes to impact-resistant windows designed for hurricane protection, there are special standards for installation as well as for the fortified features (like laminated glass and metal-reinforced frames). At NewSouth Window Solutions, we make sure both our impact windows and our installation practices meet those standards because we submit both to testing by independent experts. This means you can have peace of mind that your expertly installed impact windows will protect your home as designed whenever a hurricane takes aim at the Davie area.

Window Replacement That’s Fully Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

The NewSouth factory-direct approach to window replacement allows us to provide an outstanding lifetime transferable warranty that covers both your new windows and their installation. And that translates into peace of mind that you won’t get when you buy windows from other companies serving the Davie area.

Would you like to get started picking out the customization options for your new windows? Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today, or stop by our beautiful window showroom in Fort Lauderdale to get inspiration from our displays.

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