Views from your custom windows speak for themselves. Whether the glass looks out onto water, plant life or the bustle of a busy street, the images outside are ever-changing. In the same way that a picture is complemented by the perfect frame, you can enhance the scenes outside your home's windows with complementary design elements. You don't have to be an interior designer to achieve this. In fact, with a few tips and tricks, you can even make the windows in your home seem larger and more impressive, both elevating the interior and the exterior view.

Take advantage of curtain placement
The right kind of curtains and their placement can make all the difference. Try hanging your curtain rods a little wider than the top of the window frame. This can make the window seem broader and as if they take up more space on the wall, according to SFGATE. It is essential, however, to select curtains that will add to this effect. The design team encourages home decorators to buy "sturdy" curtains and not to select those that are "skimpy" or thin-looking. More luxurious curtains make the windows seem more expensive, and further draw the eye to the view outside while elevating the interior design. In addition, thicker, more costly-appearing curtains will help conceal the fact that the curtain rods extend beyond the window frame.

"The right kind of curtains and their placement can make all the difference."

Focus on curtain length
The curtain trickery doesn't end there. To further create the illusion of larger windows, you should select longer curtains than you think the window needs. In other words, ensure that you take accurate measurements for the curtain fabric to reach from the rod to the floor. This will let the windows blend into the walls, making it harder to determine where the windows end and the wall begins. The eye will be drawn to the sparkling windows and glorious views outside, making your home feel light, airy and natural.

Add a new coat of paint
Finally, the interior design experts with House Beautiful suggest taking your decorating one step further by painting your walls. If you've been hankering to freshen up your paint, it will also help you achieve the illusion of bigger windows, especially if your window frames are already white. It is suggested that you don't paint the frames to match the wall color. Instead, select a darker, cooler color to surround the window. This will make the frames stand out more and make the windows seem larger and more eye-catching.

Creating the appearance of larger windows can be a fun project and an easy way to freshen up your home. Just remember to keep your glass sparkling clean – it's the best way to let light inside and showcase the views outside. Of course, you might also consider installing new windows altogether. If this is the route you want to take, be sure to contact NewSouth Window Solutions to get a quote today.

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