Do Impact Windows Reduce Noise?

Many homeowners who replace their windows with impact-resistant ones are pleased to discover a bevy of benefits beyond storm protection. One of those benefits is a dramatic reduction in the amount of noise that makes its way inside a home that’s outfitted with impact windows.

For example, would you like to sleep in on the weekends, blissfully unaware of your neighbor’s roaring lawnmower? Or maybe you prefer to get to bed early every night, at the same time that your neighbor likes to host noisy gatherings on his or her open-air patio. High-quality impact windows can buffer your home against sounds like these, as well as barking dogs, shouting children, and the many other noises that often disrupt sleep and relaxation time for the typical homeowner.

How Do Impact Windows Reduce Noise?

The same technology that allows impact windows to stand firm against windblown debris also blocks high-decibel sound waves from penetrating the glass. At NewSouth Window Solutions, we manufacture our impact windows with laminated glass, which includes a tough but transparent layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) material sandwiched between two extra-strong pieces of glass. Then a third sheet of glass that has low-emissivity coatings is added for enhanced energy efficiency. In addition to serving as a nearly impenetrable barrier for violent wind gusts and airborne debris, our impact windows can transform your home into a peaceful sanctuary where all but the loudest outside noises remain outside. Moreover, our impact windows also:

  • Block heat transfer that can drive up your cooling and heating costs
  • Present a truly formidable challenge to would-be burglars
  • Protect your indoor furnishings and artwork from fading or becoming discolored because they keep damaging UV rays from streaming through the glass

If you’d like to explore the option of having industry-leading impact windows professionally installed at your home, the experts at NewSouth Window Solutions will be happy to get you started. Contact us today for more information.

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