What Are Eze-Breeze Windows & Panels Made Of?

Eze-Breeze patio enclosures are a terrific and cost-efficient alternative to traditional glass sunrooms. They’re especially well-suited to homes in the southeastern United States, where residents often forgo enjoying the fresh air on their porches because of rain and insects. Although Eze-Breeze windows and panels create the visual impression of a glass room, they’re not made of glass. They’re actually made of a remarkably versatile polyvinyl material that’s superior in many ways to glass, plastic, and plexiglass alternatives. Some of the advantages that come with choosing an Eze-Breeze patio enclosure system include:

Exceptional Durability

Unlike glass windows, Eze-Breeze windows and panels won’t shatter when struck by windblown tree limbs or the neighbor kid’s errant baseball.

Lots of Ventilation Options

Eze-Breeze panels are made to slide up and down or from side to side, depending on which type of windows are selected for the system. This means homeowners can position their Eze-Breeze windows to allow a little or a lot of outside air to freshen up their patio space, depending on the weather. Eze-Breeze porch systems are also available with mesh screens that will provide ample views of the outdoors while keeping pesky mosquitoes, wasps, and flies at bay.

Aesthetic Appeal

The polyvinyl windows of an Eze-Breeze patio enclosure can be tinted in the homeowner’s choice of several colors, and the heavy-duty aluminum frames are also available in a variety of colors.

NewSouth Window Solutions is proud to offer Eze-Breeze polyvinyl systems to customers throughout our service area. These systems are not only ideal for enclosing patio spaces, but they also make a great choice for homeowners who want to transform their garages into well-ventilated living spaces. Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today for more information.

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