Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means Christmas is now just a few weeks away! If you are getting into the holiday spirit by decorating your home, there are certain precautions you should follow to make sure that your windows are not damaged by your family's lights or other decorations. This could end up being disastrous for your windows.

When hanging the decor inside or outside of your home, you might be tempted to drill some holes into your home's existing windows in order to better accommodate what you would like to put up. This is not a smart way to go, however, as this will void the protective warranties of many companies, including those lifetime warranties offered by NewSouth.

This is the time of year when many people like to go a little bit crazy with their decorations. That is totally fine, you just need to be careful about what you do! If you are hanging lights around your windows, for example, be sure to stick them in a matter that will not permanently alter the frame around the windows so taking the decor down in January is a breeze.

Drilling into the windows will break the water-resistant barriers, potentially letting unwanted moisture into your home. This could lead to long-term damage down the road, as well as disrupting the insulated glass performance of the windows.

NewSouth's American-made, factory-direct windows and doors will make your home cool and eco-friendly while keeping it in line with the Sunshine State's new energy standards at the same time! We know Floridians best because we're Made in Florida, For Florida Homes, By Florida Workers.

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