When it comes to keeping your home in top shape, you will need to look at how well-prepared it is to fight off a storm. This is especially true for residents of Florida, as hurricanes can get very strong throughout the end of the summer and early fall. While those strong storms are not as much of an issue right now, it never hurts to take a look at your home and see where improvements can be made.

"When it comes to keeping your home in top shape, you will need to look at how well-prepared it is to fight off a storm."

One of the first things that every homeowner should do is make sure that all of the trees in their yard, especially those next to or above the house, are trimmed back. The last thing you want is for an overgrown branch to come swinging into a window due to the force of a strong gust of wind. Broken limbs present a real danger to the physical well-being of your home, so get those trees trimmed.

Of course, homeowners will also need to ensure that their doors and windows are as secure as possible. If you have any broken windows in your home, you will need to get those repaired quickly. Not only will they allow wind and rain into the home, increasing the total pressure under the roof, they also leave your household vulnerable to burglary. When a window breaks, it needs to be replaced.

You want to be sure not to tape up the windows before a major storm, as that will do nothing to keep the interior of your home protected. The wind and debris will still rip through the glass regardless, so the tape will just make the shards bigger and more dangerous to your family. Should you be concerned about the possibility of long-term damage, storm windows are likely going to be your best bet.

Even before a major storm hits, you should take inventory of every valuable item that you and your family owns. The last thing that anybody wants to deal with after this kind of situation is to try and remember every last thing that was in the house. Having a master list will make the claims and insurance process a much easier one, so you can get back on with your life as soon as possible. Without this list, you will likely be left scrambling trying to get everything together.

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