How Does the Eze-Breeze Enclosure System Work?

How does Eze-Breeze work?Eze-Breeze is an innovative vinyl-pane window system that combines the appearance of a sunroom with the ventilation options of a screen room. It’s designed for installation on a patio, porch, or garage, where it can provide you with increased living space that’s protected from bugs and inclement weather.

The Eze-Breeze porch enclosure system is not only more affordable than a traditional glass sunroom, but it’s also more versatile. The system works because the lightweight windows are installed on a track that allows them to slide up and down. They can be stacked at the top, bottom, or even in the middle of the window, so that there’s nothing but screen between your living area and the outside air for up to 75% ventilation. In other words, you can position the vinyl panels of the Eze-Breeze system to allow partial airflow near the top or bottom of your porch enclosure. Or, if it’s a beautiful breezy day and you want to welcome in all the fresh air you can, you can stack all of your panels together so that the maximum amount of screen is exposed.

Additional Benefits of the Eze-Breeze Design

The slide-and-stack feature of the Eze-Breeze vinyl panels also makes them easy to care for. Eze-Breeze window frames can be gently brushed and vacuumed to remove loose dirt. Then the sliding sashes can be stacked in the bottom position and tipped into your patio enclosure, where you can clean them one by one, inside and out, without stepping outside your home.

NewSouth Window Solutions is proud to install Eze-Breeze porch enclosure systems for homeowners in our service area. Contact us today to request a free consultation that will include detailed information about the benefits of the Eze-Breeze system and how it works.

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