Simple Guidelines for uPVC Window Maintenance

One of the best aspects of uPVC windows is how they can dramatically reduce your home’s monthly energy costs. Because these vinyl products are designed to reflect the heat from the sun’s UV rays, your household will get all of Florida’s abundant natural light with none of the unfortunate side effects. Coupled with NewSouth’s lifetime warranty, installing these windows is a no-brainer.

However, you must be careful to treat these products carefully. If not, you could risk damaging them soon after making this investment. Here are a few guidelines that will help keep your uPVC windows looking great and operating as best as they can:

  • Keep any extra UV ray films away. Because the uPVC windows are already designed to be energy efficient and come with their own protective coating, it is not necessary to add any excess layers. These products will not make the windows any more efficient than they already are and can actually end up doing more harm than good.
  • Never penetrate the window itself. The uPVC vinyl frame needs to remain intact, so never nail, screw, drill or otherwise puncture the windows once they are in place. Additionally, you should refrain from sticking anything to the glass itself, as this can make the window less effective.
  • Pressure washing is discouraged. Cleaning the windows with excessive amounts of force could damage the window. Only clean the window by hand with a gentle product.

NewSouth’s American-made, factory-direct windows and doors will make your home cool and eco-friendly while keeping it in line with the Sunshine State’s new energy standards at the same time! We know Floridians best because we’re Made in Florida, For Florida Homes, By Florida Workers.

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