Love them or hate them, window curtains can make a pretty window pop and add character to a room. Some people think that a window without curtains is drastically lacking, even if it has a blind or shades. Curtains can act as a frame to any window, but the trick is picking out the right kind to best complement the view outside.

There are many different types of curtain to select: they can be light and filmy, sturdy and plain, ornate and patterned or heavy and luxurious. Once you've decided how you want the window – and room – to look and feel, then the hard part comes: hanging the curtains themselves. With a few tips and tricks, this activity need not be a struggle – and will actually make for a fun interior design project.

Getting the measurement just right
The first thing to do is properly measure windows, according to House Beautiful. Most people mistake the length and width of their windows, and have to return curtains to the store, or become frustrated with the process and give up! Be sure to hang the rods and curtains high enough, the news provider advises, especially if the space is small. Higher curtain rods give the illusion of bigger windows and thus a bigger space. In that vein, it's important to be sure that the curtains are long enough; those that are too short, they might look strange and curtail the window and space. Select curtains that reach to the floor to make the windows seem large and prominent.

Curtained windowWhen selecting curtains, consider whether they're mostly decorative or functional.

Determining the use case
The experts at Real Simple advise curtain hangers to consider function before making a trip to the store. Decide whether your curtains are to be decorative, create the illusion of space or be functional and provide light blockage and privacy. Additionally, there are other factors to consider in terms of decoration: the experts suggest considering the top of the window and how it will look. The top can either have hooks, a pleated fabric effect, fit across the rods in a pocket shape or have flat fabric tabs that hook over the rods. While considering this design element, keep the rod style in mind as well.

In terms of rod, Apartment Therapy notes that it should be wider than the window. The tape measure will be essential for many steps of the curtain-hanging process! The design team also adds the tip that a template should be used to ensure the curtain rods are straight and at the right length and width from each window to ensure uniform installation.

By taking time, being mindful and following these steps, any window in any room can be transformed with beautiful curtains – and a little bit of work! However, if you want to go the extra step and replace your windows altogether, consider NewSouth Window Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our products or get a quote. 

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