How to Clean Inside Double-Pane Windows

How to Clean Inside Double-Pane WindowsDouble-pane windows are constructed with two panes of glass to increase their ability to block heat transfer between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. Indeed, multi-pane glass is one of the most common features of energy-efficient windows. For additional insulation, your double-pane windows trap air between the panes, or they may have argon or krypton gas fill injected between them when the window is built. An airtight window seal is added to keep the insulating gas in place and prevent outside air and moisture from creeping in. If you’re seeing a hazy film, dirt, cobwebs, or other debris between the panes of your windows, that’s a sign that the seal has failed.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to clean between the two panes of glass without taking the window apart, which will not only be tedious but also risk further damage to the window. Plus, after you have cleaned between the panes and reassembled a window with a broken seal, it won’t look clean for long. If you have foggy double-pane windows due to seal failure, you’ll have to repeat the whole process again within a few weeks or months. What’s more, if you live in an area where heavy rainfall and high humidity are the norm, you may see unsightly mold and mildew develop between the panes.

Replacement Is the Best Solution for Foggy Double-Pane Windows

One stopgap measure you can try before replacing your foggy window is to position a dehumidifier next to it to see whether the appliance will remove the moisture that’s trapped between the panes. However, this may not improve the appearance of the window if dirt and stains have accumulated there. It’s generally best to replace any window that has seal failure.

If you decide to replace your worn or malfunctioning double-pane windows, make sure you consider the beautiful, energy-efficient, and exquisitely crafted replacements available from NewSouth Window Solutions. Our windows are built with extra-thick uPVC vinyl and other fortifying features to help them resist seal failure and other damage for decades. Contact us today to learn more.

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