Many people choose to live in older, wooden homes because of the rich history and craftsmanship they offer. While beautiful, a dark secret may be hidden underneath the picturesque exterior: wood rot. Given enough time and exposure to certain conditions, many wooden homes experience this serious structural problem. If you live in an older home and want to avoid experiencing wood rot, you need to know how to identify and address this problem yourself. 

What are the causes of wood rot?
Unfortunately, wood rot is not as simple to spot as major leaks. It can easily go unnoticed for long periods of time, yet, like with any moisture problem, wood rot will only continue to get worse if left untreated. In order to address this problem, you first need to be able to identify what causes the wood rot to occur. Simply enough, it is a buildup of moisture within the wood that creates the perfect environment for fungi to grow and cause the wood's fibers to break down. 

"Wood rot can be extremely destructive to your home."

If the wooden exteriors of your home are unprotected or unsealed, water may pool up and seep through its surface, leading to wood rot. Unsurprisingly, wood rot can be extremely destructive to your home, which is why it is essential to be proactive about protecting against it and periodically checking for signs it has occurred. What is one of the most telling signs that wood rot is present? When pressed, the wood will feel soft or brittle. In extreme cases, the wood may even disintegrate when you touch it. 

Where should you look for wood rot?
The two most susceptible areas of your home for wood rot are your window sills and exterior doors. With your wooden window frames, water tends to sit on your sills for longer periods of time than on the rest of your home. This is why this is the first part of your home to deal with rot. Rainwater collects and can slowly eat away the paint, which allows the wood to absorb the moisture. If you detect any soft areas on your window sills, you might want to consider replacing your windows with vinyl frames that are resistant to wood rot and other forms of decay.

Your exterior doors are also at risk for wood rot. After inspecting your wooden doors and discovering signs of wood rot, you might want to replace them with sliding patio doors with vinyl frames that will protect against future cases of wood rot. 

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