How to Keep Bugs Off a Patio

How to Keep Bugs Off a Patio Have you finally had it with trying to enjoy a sumptuous, al fresco meal on your patio, only to spend your entire time swatting at flies who descend on your picnic uninvited? Or ducking from wasps who seem to think you’ve invaded their turf? Or slapping mosquitoes and horseflies who want to dine outside, too—with you as the main course?

There are a number of stopgap measures you can take to try to minimize these intrusions on your personal space. Here are only a few:

  • Install a patio fan – Many flying insects will be blown away by the breeze.
  • Make sure there’s no standing water nearby – This includes in the gutters and downspouts that may be attached to your patio.
  • Cultivate plants that repel bugs – This will require some research to determine which plants will irritate the specific pests that are bugging you and also grow where you want them to. Moreover, you’ll have to provide long-term care for the plants to keep them healthy and objectionable to insects.

Eze-Breeze Has an Easier Solution

The best way to keep bugs off your patio is to have an Eze-Breeze patio enclosure system installed. The sliding vinyl panels of this innovative patio system are transparent and provide the appearance of a glass sunroom while delivering the versatility and ventilation benefits of a screen room.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of a three-season room, including the luxury of patio dining with no unwanted winged guests, you should explore the possibility of enclosing your outdoor space with an Eze-Breeze porch system.

NewSouth Window Solutions is proud to offer high-value home upgrades that are ideal for Southern homeowners, and the Eze-Breeze patio enclosure system is a perfect example. Contact us today to learn more.

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