If you are looking to invest in new windows, you will need to take your entire home into consideration. Energy efficiency is important, especially in an environment such as Florida. You do not want to spend your money and time making upgrades, only to have your subpar windows leak the cool air your AC worked so hard to produce.

Here are a few ways you can make upgrades that will complement new energy efficient windows:

  • Invest in new windows: If you want to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home, the windows are absolutely where you need to begin. You will want windows that are airtight, keeping your cool air inside and the warm air outside. If not, you will be spending money for it to just go to waste.
  • Purchase new appliances: There are all kinds of Energy Star-rated appliances out on the market. If you are looking to replace the refrigerator or washing machine you've had forever, browse some models that are environmentally friendly. These household appliances will help drastically reduce your energy costs.
  • Switch out your light bulbs: Incandescent light bulbs produce more heat than they do electricity, making them inefficient. Replacing them with LED or CFL light bulbs will not only cut your electricity payments, but they only need to be replaced once every 10 years or so.

The entire state of Florida has comprehensive environmental and energy standards, meaning that your windows will help protect the environment while following the law. Because NewSouth's windows and installation come with a lifetime warranty, shopping with us will allow you to find energy efficient windows that look great and will last as long as your home.

NewSouth's American-made, factory-direct windows and doors will make your home cool and eco-friendly while keeping it in line with the Sunshine State's new energy standards at the same time! We know Floridians best because we're Made in Florida, For Florida Homes, By Florida Workers.

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I could not be happier. Our windows are beautiful and the warranty is second to none so I know they will last a very long time. We are already seeing an improvement in...
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