How to Measure for Replacement Windows

If you’re planning to have your house windows replaced, you may be wondering how you can measure for your new windows. Replacement windows are custom manufactured to fit the precise dimensions of each window opening in the house, so it’s essential that you get accurate measurements for each window. To accomplish this, you’ll want to measure both the height and width at different points in the window opening. Typically, you’ll want to measure at each edge of the window as well as across the middle, both vertically and horizontally.

Why Each Window Must Be Measured Individually

Unlike front entry doors, replacement windows don’t come in standard sizes. This is because homes tend to settle and shift a little over the years, which can result in slight modifications needed for each window. Even if you have two bedrooms with identical windows in each, the way the home has settled may mean that one window will need to be just a quarter-inch shorter than the other. Once a replacement window is manufactured, the product cannot be modified if it doesn’t fit. A whole new window will have to be manufactured instead.

With such a high level of precision needed to measure for and order replacement windows, this is a job best left to the professionals. A reputable window company will handle all of the measurements for you and assume all responsibility in the event that any replacement window doesn’t fit. Your window contractor will also ensure that each new house window is properly secured in place for the attractive, finished appearance you desire.

If you’re interested in having your windows replaced, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today. We’d be happy to schedule an initial design consultation during which we can measure all of your windows to provide you with a price quote.

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