Hurricane Matthew is headed this way. USA Today reported the powerful category 4 storm made landfall in Cuba Tuesday night and was carrying maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour, Moving north at 8 mph, a state of emergency has already been declared for Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Hurricane Matthew already hit Haiti and the Bahamas hard earlier this week and while meteorologists are still uncertain what kind of damage the storm will bring to the U.S., homeowners in these states should be prepared.

Many school districts have already closed, while anxious residents line up at gas stations or hurriedly peruse empty grocery store shelves, according to NBC News. Experts recommend that Florida, Georgia and Carolina residents have cash on hand and necessary emergency supplies in case the hurricane makes landfall soon.

"Regardless if there is a direct hit or not, the impacts will be devastating," Florida Gov. Rick Scott told NBC News. "I cannot emphasize it enough that everyone in our state must prepare now for a direct hit."

"You want to protect your home's windows."

If you are still at home waiting out the storm, there are a few precautions you might want to take for yourself and your home to be ready. Here are a few ways you can prepare for Hurricane Matthew:

1. Make sure your emergency bag is packed and ready
In case this storm causes significant damage, it's important to have your emergency bag packed and ready. Inside you should have necessary supplies such as nonperishable food and water, insurance and personal information documents, flashlights with extra batteries, a radio and more. It's always best to be fully prepared, whether the hurricane makes landfall or not.

2. Clear off your lawn and secure any outdoor objects
Do you have any outdoor plants, furniture or decorations? Make sure they are secure and won't crash into your home in the event of high winds. Don't leave anything lose in your yard that could be a danger to you or others. Trimming shrubs and tree branches outside your home is also a good idea to prevent further damage.

3. Protect your home's windows
As there will likely be high winds, you want to protect your home's windows. Whether you invest in storm shutters or have recently updated to impact resistant windows, you want to protect them from flying debris and wind.

No matter what else Florida weather throws at you this hurricane season, impact windows will remain intact and keep your home free from damage. Contact a NewSouth Window Solutions expert today to schedule a free, in-home consultation about how hurricane windows might be just what you need this season.

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