How to Protect Your Windows During a Tornado

How to Protect Your Windows During a Tornado If you live in the South, you may be alarmed at the growing frequency of tornado sightings and touchdowns in this part of the U.S. And it’s not just your imagination that Southern communities are becoming tornado targets more often. Meteorologists confirm that the weather patterns most likely to spawn tornadoes have been shifting eastward and affecting more southern states in recent years.

So, what should you do to protect your home from this threat? More than likely, you’re familiar with the options for covering your windows to help them resist breakage in the face of high-pressure winds and flying debris. Homes in communities across the South are at risk for damage from hurricanes and tropical storms, and experts say broken windows and glass doors account for much of the residential damage that these types of storms leave behind. The good news is that there’s a hurricane window protection method that will minimize your home’s risk of damage from a tornado as well.

Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors Are Your Best Solution

What’s known across the South as hurricane season spans six months of the year, officially extending from June 1 through Nov. 30. Historically, the peak season for tornadoes occurs in May and June, but devastating tornadoes have been forming much earlier in the spring in recent years. Additionally, tornadoes are more likely than hurricanes to strike with little warning, making it unsafe for a homeowner to spend time outside boarding up windows, even if there’s a tornado alert.

This means you need year-round storm window protection that doesn’t need to be deployed on short notice. Impact-resistant windows and doors were developed to protect homes from hurricane-force winds, but they’re also the best solution for homeowners who want to minimize their risk for damage from tornadoes. Although a direct hit from a severe F4 or F5 tornado can level a house no matter what type of window protection is in place, a home that’s armed with impact-resistant windows can deflect damage from more common, less powerful tornadoes. Impact windows will also resist breaking when struck by the rocks, utility posts, and other debris that a tornado might hurl at them when swirling by.

Interested in High-Quality Impact Windows for Your Southern Home?

The impact windows manufactured by NewSouth Window Solutions have undergone extensive testing to ensure they’ll resist breakage in the face of powerful windstorms. Contact us today if you’d like to replace your windows or exterior doors with impact-resistant options.

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