Living in Florida has many advantages, including the beautiful weather that residents are able to enjoy all year long. However, because the temperatures can sometimes be so unforgiving, many people rely heavily on their central air conditioning systems to stay cool and comfortable. The last thing homeowners want, then, is for the air they are paying for to leak outdoors, wasting energy and money.

"A typical family in the United States wastes about $400 each year on air leaks."

A typical family in the United States wastes about $400 each year on air leaks, money that can easily be saved if the right steps are taken. The first thing homeowners will need to do is physically inspect their entire household, looking for areas that have holes or cracks. Once these are discovered, they will need to be plugged up right away. Areas of the home that are especially vulnerable to leaking air, such as the basement and attic, will need to be well-insulated. The insulation should also be checked every couple of months to see if it needs to be replaced.

Windows themselves are particularly vulnerable to losing air, especially if they are on the older side. Doors and windows are areas of the home that will need to be thoroughly inspected, and replaced if it is found that they are losing air on a consistent basis. If the windows in your home are more than a decade old, or approaching that age, it is time to begin thinking about having new ones installed.

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