Hurricane Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

In recent years, every hurricane season seems to bring reports of devastating damage to homes in one or more communities that border the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. If you’re a homeowner in one of those coastal communities, you may be wondering how best to protect your home against violent winds and pounding rain. Window protection is absolutely critical, but what’s the ideal way to do it?

Not so long ago, homeowners had one option for safeguarding their windows: Board them up with bulky plywood. Today’s homeowners have many alternatives to choose from, including hurricane windows and shutters that are specially designed to hold firm in the face of powerful winds and flying debris. But which is better?

The Case for Hurricane Impact Windows

Replacing your ordinary windows with high-quality hurricane windows is the optimal choice for homeowners who prize both curb appeal and year-round protection. If you purchase hurricane windows that meet rigorous Florida standards for wind and impact resistance, you can outfit your home with windows that are beautiful and energy-efficient as well as fortified to prevent storm damage. Some of the advantages of this choice are:

  • Hurricane protection that’s as convenient as closing your windows when the storm approaches
  • Confidence that your impact-resistant windows are shielding your home even if you’re out of town when the storm hits
  • Increased deterrence of break-ins and looting, as impact windows are extremely difficult to break
  • The likelihood that your investment will lead to discounts on your homeowners’ insurance

The Case Against Hurricane Shutters

Some types of hurricane shutters may cost less than hurricane impact windows. However, these tend to be the shutters that must be installed right before the storm strikes, making them just as inconvenient as plywood. Even if you have mounting hardware that stays in place year-round, you will still face the disadvantages of:

  • Scurrying to cover your windows when a storm is bearing down on your community
  • Sitting inside your home, possibly for days, with little to no view of the outdoors
  • The need to store your hurricane window protection equipment, which can take up valuable square footage in your home, shed, or garage

If you’re thinking of replacing your outdated windows with impact-resistant ones, make sure you consider the hurricane windows manufactured in Florida by NewSouth Window Solutions. We take pride in crafting and installing replacement windows that are ideal for coastal-area homeowners. Contact us today to learn more about the merits of our beautiful impact windows and the financing options available to qualified homeowners.

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