Resilient Impact Windows for Homes in Melbourne, FL, and Neighboring Communities

Impact Windows Melbourne FLThe impact windows manufactured by NewSouth Window Solutions for homes in Melbourne, Florida, and surrounding communities can help to protect your house from attempts at forced entry as well as from inclement tropical weather. Our windows achieve this durability thanks to their heavy gauge, structurally reinforced vinyl frames, which are corrosion resistant and will never warp, crack, rot, or decay under exposure to the elements. When combined with multi-paned, impact-resistant laminated glass and structurally reinforced sashes, our impact windows become ideal deterrents for any outside threat that might harm you and your loved ones. In particular, the glass panes on our windows can resist direct blows from assailants or flying debris tossed about by a storm, and our windows as a whole are rated to withstand sustained winds of up to 200 mph, faster than all but the most extreme hurricanes.

What’s more, installing our impact windows can also help to maximize your residence’s energy efficiency. At NewSouth, all of our products are built with Florida’s climate in mind, which means that our impact windows can deal with hot summer weather as well. In order to do so, they include various features like low-emissivity glass coatings, foam insulation, and inert argon gas fills in between the glass panes. These features help our windows to impart several benefits on your Melbourne, FL, home, including:

  • More stable temperatures regardless of outside weather conditions
  • Reduced workload on climate control systems like air conditioners and heaters
  • Energy cost savings as a result of not having to overtax your home’s HVAC systems
  • And more

For additional information about the impact windows that we offer for homeowners in Melbourne, FL, and surrounding areas, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today.

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