Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters—What’s the Best Option for Your Home?

Anyone who follows news reports in the aftermath of a hurricane or tropical storm is aware of the staggering and ever-increasing costs of residential storm damage repairs. Experts say much of this damage results from windows that break when assaulted by high winds and airborne debris. But what’s the best way to protect your windows and keep wind and water out of your home when one of these powerful storms takes aim at your community? Is it better to invest in impact-resistant windows, or will hurricane shutters do?

As with any home upgrade, there are pros and cons associated with each option. Here are a few factors to consider:

Impact Windows

Also known as hurricane windows, impact windows are specially engineered to resist breaking under the pressure of high-speed winds or when struck by windblown debris. In the unlikely event that a reliable hurricane window breaks, it won’t breach and allow damaging winds and rain to enter your home. Hurricanes are categorized according to wind speed, and impact windows are rated for their ability to withstand the wind forces associated with these categories. It’s best to choose impact windows that have been tested and rated to withstand the most damaging storms that could threaten your community.

The biggest advantage of choosing impact windows is that they will remain in place year-round, thus protecting your home against damage from storms that pop up with little to no warning. Impact windows also have additional advantages, such as deterring break-ins, boosting the energy efficiency of your home, and dramatically reducing the amount of outside noise that disrupts your indoor peace and quiet.

Hurricane Shutters

Adding hurricane shutters to your windows is better than leaving them unprotected or trusting that you’ll have time to cover them with plywood whenever a storm threatens. The biggest advantage of this option is that hurricane shutters may cost less than impact windows, depending on the type of shutters you choose. However, whether you choose somewhat-costly colonial or Bahama shutters or a less-expensive roll-down option, your shutters will have to be deployed and fastened to protect your windows from an approaching storm. What if you’re away from home, or a storm strikes without notice? And even if you receive adequate notice and deploy your hurricane shutters, you and your family may have to huddle in a darkened home for days.

If you’d like to explore your options for impact windows, make sure you consider the highly rated hurricane windows available from NewSouth Window Solutions. We specialize in crafting the ideal replacement windows for homes in the southern United States, including those in areas at risk for hurricanes. Contact us today to learn more.

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