Resilient Impact Windows Available to Homeowners in West Palm Beach, FL

Impact Windows West Palm Beach FLIf you want the most durable impact windows available in West Palm Beach, FL, look no further than the iVantage windows created by NewSouth Window Solutions. As a window manufacturer based right here in Florida, we design our iVantage windows specifically to address many of the issues that homeowners in our state face. For starters, our impact windows are exceptionally durable, with heavy-duty vinyl frames that are fusion welded at 12 different points and are structurally reinforced for added rigidity and toughness. They also boast impact-resistant laminated glass that is rated to withstand collisions with flying debris at up to 200 mph, a higher wind speed than is found in all but the strongest hurricanes. When combined, these features make our windows supremely effective at protecting your home from violent weather or forced entry.

As Florida residents, we understand that the summer heat can sometimes be unbearable, so our impact windows also incorporate many of the latest energy-efficient features available. They include:

  • Double-paned, low-emissivity glass
  • Argon gas fill between the glass panes
  • Foam-enhanced sashes and frames
  • Dual layers of weather stripping
  • And more

As a result of all these innovative components, our windows can help you keep your home’s temperature constant even during the hottest summer days, which, in turn, can lessen the workload on your home’s cooling systems to help you save on your monthly energy costs.

For more information about the impact windows we provide in West Palm Beach, FL, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today.

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