Exploring the Inefficiencies of Aluminum Windows

Are you ready to replace or install new windows on your home in Florida? If so, it is likely that you’ve been doing research as to what type of windows are the right choice for your home. One of the more reasonably priced window options available in the industry are aluminum windows, so they can be tempting to a lot of homeowners who are trying to save a few dollars during their renovation. However, homeowners in Florida can’t depend on these poorly made aluminum windows to protect them from all of the common weather elements experienced in the area.

What Makes Metal Windows Inferior for Florida Homeowners?

There are many reasons that you’re better off choosing a polyvinyl window for your home, but some of the biggest flaws of aluminum windows include:

Lack of Insulation for Aluminum Windows

Aluminum isn’t known to hold in heat as well as a vinyl or a polyvinyl product can. This means that your brand-new windows may not protect from the intense heat of summer as much as the windows you were already trying to replace currently are.

Aluminum Window Corrosion

While aluminum frames are considered to be water resistant, they won’t work for many homeowners in Florida because they are susceptible to corrosion experienced from salt water and sea air.

Condensation Collection

Another flaw of aluminum windows is that they are known to have issues with condensation. This means that in the extreme heat of summer you may notice moisture seeping in through your windows. If gone unnoticed, this may even lead to potential water damage, mold, or mildew.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aluminum Windows

To help you understand what makes vinyl windows the best options for Florida homeowners, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions:

Can Aluminum Windows Be Energy Efficient?

While aluminum windows can provide some energy efficiency benefits, vinyl windows are generally more suitable for Florida’s climate. Vinyl’s superior insulation properties help prevent heat transfer and maintain indoor comfort, making them a better choice for energy-efficient window solutions.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Aluminum Windows?

The life expectancy of aluminum windows tends to be shorter in Florida’s coastal environment due to their susceptibility to corrosion from saltwater exposure. In contrast, vinyl windows offered by NewSouth Window Solutions have a longer lifespan, with durable materials that resist decay and provide lasting performance.

Are Aluminum Windows Good or Bad?

Aluminum windows have their drawbacks in Florida. They conduct heat and cold more readily, leading to energy loss and potentially uncomfortable indoor temperatures. In contrast, vinyl windows are designed to withstand Florida’s heat and humidity while offering improved insulation and energy efficiency, making them a superior choice for homeowners.

How Can I Make My Aluminum Windows More Energy Efficient?

To enhance the energy efficiency of aluminum windows, consider replacing them with vinyl windows from NewSouth Window Solutions. Vinyl’s natural insulating properties reduce heat transfer, and our advanced designs further optimize energy performance. Adding Low-E coatings and multi-pane options can further improve the efficiency of vinyl windows, keeping your home comfortable year-round.

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