Late-Season Hurricanes—What You Need to Know

Palm trees sway in strong windy weather

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 each year, with the most activity occurring from mid-August through early October. However, the possibility of a hurricane exists throughout the season, including much later in the season. Here’s what you need to know about late-season hurricanes.

Late-Season Hurricanes Are Just as Dangerous

While they may not occur as frequently as tropical storms and hurricanes in August and September, this doesn’t mean they don’t pose a threat. A late-season hurricane can be just as powerful, destructive, and deadly as a hurricane at any other time of the year. It’s important to be prepared for a hurricane at any point throughout hurricane season.

Peak Hurricane Season Doesn’t Predict Late-Season Hurricanes

Just because there have been a lot of hurricanes during the peak of hurricane season doesn’t mean that a late-season hurricane is any more or less likely. Similarly, even if it’s been a quiet hurricane season up until that point, a late-season hurricane can still develop at any point. Factors like how warm the Atlantic Ocean is, which way the winds are blowing, and even dust from the Sahara Desert can all influence whether a hurricane is likely to occur. And all these conditions are constantly changing—so what happened in August or September doesn’t tell us much about what might happen in October or November.

Make Sure Your Home is Prepared for Hurricane Season

Whether it’s the beginning, end, or outside of hurricane season, the best time to think about preparing for the next hurricane is right now. Ensuring your home is ready to weather the storm is your best defense. To get your home prepared, consider upgrading to hurricane windows that can help keep your property protected. Learn more about the benefits of hurricane windows by contacting NewSouth Window Solutions today.

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