Kitchen Windows Designed for Homeowners in Atlanta, GA

Experience the joy of cooking and dining bathed in natural light with our modern kitchen windows. If you’re seeking a kitchen upgrade in Atlanta, Georgia, consider NewSouth Window Solutions as your go-to choice. We offer an array of customizable replacement windows, including casement kitchen windows, perfect for kitchens overlooking a sink. These windows are not only aesthetically pleasing but also tailored for the unique demands of Southern climates.

The Factory-Direct Advantage

NewSouth Window Solutions revolutionizes your window replacement experience by offering full-service solutions, from design to installation. Opting for a factory-direct approach yields exclusive benefits, including:

  • Unparalleled Product Knowledge: Benefit from expert insights and product knowledge that only a factory-direct option can provide.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Our customer service professionals guide you at every step, ensuring a smooth journey.
  • Dependable Lifetime Warranties: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with dependable lifetime warranties, safeguarding your investment.

Our windows are highly customizable, allowing you to find the perfect style and design for your kitchen. Choose from a variety of window shapes, such as casement kitchen windows, double-hung, sliding, and picture windows. Moreover, you can select from a range of attractive finish colors and hardware designs to add a unique touch to your kitchen.

Professional Installation at Your Home

Once you’ve crafted your kitchen windows to perfection, our expert installers take over. They handle all the necessary construction at your Atlanta, GA home, ensuring your new windows are weathertight and energy efficient. The result is an upgraded kitchen space that will have you eager to put it to good use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Windows

What Type of Windows are Best for the Kitchen?

The best windows for kitchens are those that offer both aesthetics and functionality. Casement kitchen windows, double-hung windows, or picture windows are popular choices. Your selection should align with your specific needs and the design of your kitchen.

What is the Best Type of Window Over a Kitchen Sink?

Casement windows are often considered the best choice for placement over a kitchen sink. They provide unobstructed views and excellent ventilation while maintaining easy reach for opening and closing.

What is a Deep Kitchen Window Called?

A deep kitchen window, typically used for placing plants or décor, is often referred to as a garden window. Garden windows project outward from the wall, creating a small alcove for plants or other decorative items.

What is a Good Size for a Kitchen Window?

The size of a kitchen window should complement the overall design and space available. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, standard window sizes can range from 24 inches to 72 inches in width and 12 inches to 48 inches in height. It’s crucial to choose a size that suits your kitchen’s layout and allows sufficient natural light to flood the area.

Get Started Toward New Kitchen Windows Today

To find out more about our replacement kitchen windows and full-service installation, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to discuss your Atlanta, GA, home.

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