A Better Alternative to Storm Windows for Your Home in Atlanta, GA

Have recent news reports about violent windstorms in the South led you to think more about protecting your home from nature’s fury? If you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, you’re being smart to take notice of these events, which often leave scores of severely damaged homes in their wake. Indeed, a recent study cited by the National Weather Service identified an increasing frequency of powerful tornadoes in the Southeast. And the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted that the number of potentially devastating hurricanes threatening Southern communities each year will continue to climb. So, what’s the best way to protect your home’s windows from wind damage?

At NewSouth Window Solutions, we take pride in crafting impact-resistant windows that are engineered to outperform storm windows when it comes to protecting homes from high-speed winds and the debris that turns into missiles during a tornado or hurricane. Here are a few facts to consider as you decide how to shield your windows from wind damage:

Storm Windows vs. Our Impact-Resistant Replacement Windows

Storm windows are essentially extra windows that are installed over the existing windows of a home. Despite their name, storm windows have traditionally been used in northern climates to protect homes from cold weather more often than from storms. Traditional storm windows have not been tested for impact resistance and don’t meet industry or government standards to be considered hurricane windows.

NewSouth impact-resistant windows, on the other hand, have been independently tested to ensure they meet or exceed the most stringent testing standards for hurricane window protection. Some of the benefits you’ll receive when you choose our hurricane windows include:

  • An expert installation that adheres to the standards for installing hurricane windows
  • A year-round defense against storm damage, with no preparation except to close your windows
  • A formidable barrier to deter break-ins and dramatically reduce noise intrusion

We’ll be happy to help you protect your Atlanta-area home from dangerous storms. Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to learn more about our impact-resistant windows, or stop by our Atlanta showroom to see our windows on display.

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