Fiberglass Entry Doors That Are Tough Enough for Homeowners in Houston, TX

If you’re like most homeowners, you want the front door of your home to look beautiful at all times without requiring a lot of upkeep. But that’s a tall order in the Houston, Texas, area. Moisture-laden air, strong winds, heavy rainfall, and saltwater spray off the Gulf of Mexico can cause ordinary entry doors to look worn before their time as well as undermine their performance. If you’re planning to replace the front door of your Houston-area home, why not choose an entry door that can take that kind of abuse and still look great for a lifetime?

You can trust NewSouth Window Solutions to outfit your home with a beautiful front door. Our entry doors are exquisitely crafted from fiberglass, a material that’s ideal for exterior doors because it resists shrinking and swelling. Our fiberglass composite doors are also fortified with Hydroshield Technology to prevent warping, corrosion, and rot. What’s more, we offer impact-resistant entry doors—ideal for homes in a region that’s a frequent target of hurricanes. And the energy-efficient glass we include in our exterior doors can help insulate your home against solar heat and winter’s chill, which means your new front door may lead to lower cooling and heating costs.

No Need to Sacrifice Beauty

If you’re impressed by the hardiness of fiberglass but worry that you’ll miss the endearing appearance of a traditional wooden door, relax. Our entry doors can be crafted with woodgrain textures or a smooth finish that’s ready for the paint or stain of your choice, and the result is a fiberglass door that artfully impersonates its less-durable wood counterpart.

Once you’ve fashioned the ideal front door for your home and it’s ready for installation, our factory-trained professionals will expertly install it for you. Thanks to our full-service approach, you’ll receive a lifetime warranty that covers both materials and installation, which translates into an impressive level of protection for your investment.

Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to learn how you can get one of our gorgeous entry doors installed at your home, or visit our Houston showroom which will be opening soon to see our doors on display.

The front of our house has a whole new look due to the change in windows. We love it!
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