Hurricane Windows You Can Count On to Protect Your Home in Houston, TX

According to the National Weather Service, the Texas coast has been struck by a hurricane more than 64 times since 1851, and the Houston area has frequently been in the line of fire. During a hurricane, powerful wind gusts can blow out windows or hurl debris at them with such force that the glass breaks and allows wind and rain to enter the home. In fact, that’s one of the top causes of residential hurricane damage. Additionally, glass shards from a broken window can become missiles that threaten bodily harm to anyone sheltering inside the stricken home.

These are the primary reasons why you’ll want to consider replacing your windows with hurricane-resistant ones if you live in Houston. Fortunately, NewSouth Window Solutions manufactures some of the best hurricane windows on the market, and they’re available for expert installation throughout the Houston area.

Why Choose Our Hurricane Windows?

We put a great deal of research into creating impact-resistant windows that would protect coastal homes from damage related to windstorms and airborne debris. We incorporated advanced construction techniques to craft ultra-strong frames and sashes, and we added laminated glass that’s designed to take a beating without breaching. Then we put our impact-resistant windows to the test—we subjected them to the scrutiny of third-party experts to ensure they meet the toughest standards for hurricane windows. Moreover, because we entrust all of our window installations only to installers who are trained to meet our standards, we made sure that our installation practices were tested as well.

In addition to feeling confident that your home is fortified against damage from a hurricane, you’ll also enjoy these benefits when you choose our impact windows:

  • A generous selection of aesthetic options to choose from
  • Window glass that not only resists impact damage but also break-in attempts and noise intrusion
  • The potential for lower cooling and heating costs because our windows are energy efficient
  • An impressive lifetime warranty that covers both your new windows and their installation

Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today for more information, or visit our showroom in Houston to see our hurricane windows in person.

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