Why Impact-Resistant Windows Make Sense for Homeowners in Houston, TX

Now that impact-resistant replacement windows have been available for quite a few years, it’s become clear just how smart an investment they are, especially for homeowners in storm-prone areas like Houston, Texas. If you live in this area and you’re planning to replace your windows, it makes sense to choose new ones that are built to resist damage from impact and powerful winds. When you have impact-resistant windows installed at your home, you’ll no longer have to worry about boarding up your windows or deploying bulky hurricane shutters on short notice—possibly even putting yourself at risk of injury if the winds kick up while you’re trying to protect your home.

NewSouth Window Solutions specializes in manufacturing and installing the ultimate windows for Southern homeowners, so naturally, we’re highly attuned to the importance of hurricane window protection. We spent years developing our high-quality hurricane windows, and we’ve had them tested by independent experts to make sure they meet the tough Miami-Dade County standards for impact resistance. We’ve also put our installation practices to the test, ensuring that our impact-resistant windows are meticulously installed to enhance their strength and help them stand firm in the face of pressure from exceptionally high-speed winds.

Bonus Benefits Provided by NewSouth Impact-Resistant Windows

Although protecting your home from storm damage is reason enough to invest in impact-resistant windows, your upgrade will also provide these bonus benefits:

  • Protection against break-ins, as would-be intruders will find it nearly impossible to break the glass of your hurricane windows
  • Reduction of outside noise penetrating your quiet indoor sanctuary
  • More efficient climate control, thanks to the insulation qualities of the laminated impact glass and the extra layer of low-emissivity (low-E) glass we add for optimal energy efficiency

Impact Windows on Display at Our Houston Showroom

If you’re ready to learn more about our impact-resistant windows and window installation services, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today. You can also visit our window showroom in Houston, where you can see our stylish hurricane windows on display.

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