Maintenance Tips for Sliding Patio Doors

Your sliding patio doors can offer a gorgeous transition between your indoor and outdoor living areas, providing a great view of your yard while allowing plenty of sunlight into your home. However, many homeowners have experienced the problems that older sliding doors can have, including becoming fogged over, being difficult to open and close, and more. To keep your sliding patio doors looking and performing at their best, here are a few easy maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Tips for Keeping Your Patio Doors Performing at Their Best

Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your sliding patio doors so that they will continue to look and perform at their best for years to come:

  • Clean the glass – With all the sunlight that sliding glass patio doors let in, it can be easy to forget to clean the glass. However, doing this from time to time can make a dramatic difference in the brightness and attractiveness of your sliding patio doors.
  • Clean the track – It’s easy for dirt and debris to get trapped in the track of the sliding door. Cleaning out the track completely and ensuring it’s lubricated (if necessary) can help ensure your sliding patio doors can glide smoothly when you open and close them. This can also help protect the rollers and prevent them from getting dirty as well.
  • Replace old weatherstripping – Old weatherstripping that’s deteriorated will detract from the energy efficiency of your sliding patio doors. Replacing it can help ensure your patio doors don’t become a major source of energy loss for your home.
  • Replace the rollers – If your rollers are gummed up or not functioning properly, they can be removed, properly cleaned, and reinstalled to get them rolling again. However, this may be something best left to the professionals.

If you have older sliding patio doors that are beyond repair and maintenance, you can turn to the professionals at NewSouth Window Solutions for your new patio doors. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of having new sliding patio doors installed.

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