Measuring for a Sliding Patio Door

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Measuring for a sliding patio door may seem like a straightforward task. After all, exterior doors come in standardized sizing for accessibility purposes, so there are some predetermined measurements that are common across all homes. However, there are still a lot of details involved in the measurement process that need to be followed. Ordering the wrong size patio doors can waste time and money, setting your door replacement project back weeks on end.

How to Measure Your Patio Door Opening

The old adage, “measure twice, cut once” applies well here. While you’re not cutting your own patio doors, you’ll still want to be absolutely certain of your measurements before ordering a new set of sliding patio doors. It’s best to measure your patio doors from the outside so that you can clearly determine where the edges of the opening are.

Starting with the width, you’ll want to measure horizontally from the top corner of the door opening to the opposite top corner. Repeat this process from the bottom corner to the bottom corner as well as from the middle of one edge to the middle of the other edge. To measure the height of your sliding patio doors, measure from the top edge to the bottom edge vertically. You’ll want to do this in several places as well.

What to Do with Your Patio Door Measurements

Once you have the height and width of your sliding patio doors, you’ll have an idea of what dimensions you’ll need for your replacement doors. Most sliding patio doors come in a number of standard sizes, especially when it comes to the height of the opening. However, the width of your patio doors can vary dramatically, depending on how many panels your doors have. While the standard sliding glass patio doors have two panels and one or both can slide horizontally to open, there are also plenty of sliding doors that feature three, four, or more panels that telescope open for a more expansive opening. These specialty doors are less common and typically require a special order.

Relying on the Professionals for Your Patio Doors

Unless you’re planning on installing your replacement patio doors yourself, your window and door company will likely handle the measurement process for you. These are professionals with extensive experience measuring and installing patio doors, so you can trust that they’ll get these details right for you. However, having a general idea of the dimensions of your patio doors can help you start shopping around to get pricing and explore the various design options that may be available.

Learn More with NewSouth Window Solutions

If you’re interested in having new sliding patio doors installed on your home and want to ensure the measurements are done the right way, turn to NewSouth Window Solutions. We are the professionals you can rely on for complete patio door replacement services. Contact us today to learn more about patio doors and to request a consultation to measure your sliding patio door.

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