Hurricane Windows for Homeowners in Mount Pleasant, SC

If you live in the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, area, you undoubtedly know the importance of preparing your home for a hurricane, and not just during hurricane season. Violent storms can blow in off the Atlantic Ocean at almost any time of year, threatening to shatter your windows with windblown debris. Although protecting your windows from storm damage used to mean installing bulky plywood over your windows, NewSouth Window Solutions has a better option: hurricane windows, also known as impact windows.

Our window company specializes in outfitting homes with replacement windows that are ideal for coastal communities in the South, which often face threats from tropical storms and even fearsome hurricanes. Our iVantage hurricane windows are a perfect example, with features that include:

Ultra-Strong Vinyl Frames

In addition to incorporating heavy-duty vinyl, the frames of our hurricane windows are fusion-welded at 12 points to provide exceptional structural integrity that will brace them in the face of powerful wind gusts.

Reinforced Glass

The double-paned, laminated, and tempered glass of our hurricane windows resists breaking away from the frame, which would expose your indoor spaces to destructive wind gusts and water intrusion when a storm is raging outside.

These features and others allow our impact-resistant windows are tested to meet tough Florida Building Code standards for endurance in wind speeds of up to 175 mph, which is characteristic of a Category 5 hurricane.

Best of all, many of the features that make our hurricane windows so resistant to storm damage also enhance their energy efficiency and resistance to break-ins. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our impact windows and help you choose the best aesthetic features for your home in the Mount Pleasant area. Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to get started.

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