Hurricane Safety Tips for Florida Homeowners

What Type of Windows will Protect my Home During Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Safety Tips for Florida Homeowners

Hurricane Safety Tips for Florida HomeownersHomeowners in Florida understand the significant dangers that can occur when a storm hits. However, there are many things that can be done prior to the storm coming that can allow you to feel slightly safer that your home will stand strong even once the storm has passed through.

After you have gone over your hurricane evacuation plan with your family, it is time to begin preparing your home to withstand the impact. Some of the safety measures you can take to reduce the damage experienced to your home during a hurricane include:

  • Dry flood proofing
  • Wed flood proofing
  • Using plywood to secure windows and doors
  • Build a levee or floodwall

Durable Hurricane Windows

One of the best ways to feel comfortable that your house will be safe during a hurricane is to contact NewSouth Window Solutions and have hurricane windows installed. Our sturdy windows will withstand windspeeds of up to 200 mph, which is comparable to a Category 5 hurricane! This level of protection is due to a number of unique features including 12-point fusion welded frames, heavy-duty multi-chambered frames, reinforced sashes, and more

To learn more about how you can prepare your home with hurricane windows before the next storm hits, contact NewSouth Window Solutions today! Make sure to ask about the impressive financing options we offer to qualifying homeowners.

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