Do you need to replace your patio doors? Part 1 [Video]

Are you worried that your home’s patio doors won’t be able to withstand the next round of harsh Florida storms? Do you feel air coming in through unseen cracks in the sealant around your doors? If you answered yes to either question above: It’s time to replace your patio doors.

First, we will focus on why you should replace your home’s doors. Living in Florida, you can’t risk endangering your family during hurricane season by failing to replace old, creaky or fragile patio doors. One strong wind gust may break the glass, sending debris, rain and high winds straight into your door.

Furthermore, you might notice high utility costs due to cool air seeping through the cracks in your doors’ sealant. Don’t waste your hard-earned money and replace your current doors with energy-efficient patio models! The next video will highlight the advantages that occur after completing this beneficial home improvement project!

Thanks for watching and tune in later for the second part in this series! Contact NewSouth Window Solutions today to learn more about our factory-direct patio doors!

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