Why should you replace your home’s windows? Part 2 [Video]

In addition to improving the curb appeal and value of your home, replacing your windows will also improve your indoor life. While many are aware of the energy-efficiency new windows offer, there are numerous other benefits to installing replacement windows for your home.

Do you have noisy neighbors or live on a busy street? Installing double-paned windows with argon gas can significantly reduce outside noise. This reduction of sound is enhanced even more if you choose impact windows.

Are your favorite pieces of fabric furniture fading because of overexposure to UV light through your windows? According to the National Fenestration Ratings Council, low-E coated, insulated glass windows can reflect an estimated 74 percent of all harmful UV rays- which are responsible for around 40 to 60 percent of all fading damage. Protect your carpet and furniture with high performance windows.

Schedule a free, in-home consultation with NewSouth Window today to learn more about the costs and process involved with custom window replacement. Thanks for watching!

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