How Often Should You Replace Windows?

Florida homeowners understand better than most that windows are essential when it comes to regulating the internal temperature of your home and increasing its durability to be able to withstand anything Mother Nature has to offer. That is why it is so important to replace your windows if they’re beginning to show signs of old age, let in drafts, or...

What is the Best Replacement Window?

When it comes time to replace the windows at your home in the state of Florida, it is important to make sure you are making the right choice for your home. There are many styles of windows offered by companies in the area but none of them compare to a uPVC vinyl replacement window. With a durable vinyl window installed...

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

Finding the perfect window for your home in the Sunshine State is hard to do due to the extreme weather conditions that happen throughout many parts of the year. When you turn to a reliable company that offers energy efficient windows there are many features you should look for to ensure you’re receiving a product that is able to reduce...

Do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

When it’s time for a window replacement at your home, it can be difficult to determine what it is you desire out of a new window. For many homeowners in the state of Florida, their main concern is energy efficiency. This is really no surprise because, during many times of the year, the extreme humidity can make it difficult to...

How Long Does the Average Window Last?

Are you beginning to fear that it’s time for a window replacement at your home? If so, it is likely that you’re beginning to ask yourself how long your windows should actually last. Unfortunately for many homeowners, the average lifespan of a window is only 15-20 years and the number can be significantly less than that if you choose the...

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