Impact Windows You Can Count On for Hurricane Protection in Pensacola Beach, FL

Recent storms have underscored the need for reliable window protection for homes in the Pensacola Beach area. If you’re among the many homeowners who have decided to say goodbye to the annual scramble for plywood and invest in impact-resistant windows instead, make sure you explore the options available from NewSouth Window Solutions. Our impact windows are made in Florida, for Florida homes, by Florida workers™, and you simply won’t find any hurricane windows that will provide better protection for your Panhandle home than ours.

Why Our Impact Windows Stand Out

We invested a lot of research into developing the ideal replacement windows to withstand the punishment inflicted by powerful storms that can crop up pretty much any time of year if you live in a coastal area. As a result, we offer impact windows that meet or exceed Florida’s tough standards for hurricane protection. We know this because our windows have undergone independent testing to make sure they’re built with all the features needed to resist breaking in the face of intense wind pressure and when struck by windblown debris. The key features of our impact windows include double-strength laminated glass and metal-reinforced, premium vinyl frames.

Additional Benefits Provided by Our Impact Windows

Although the primary reason our customers seek out our impact windows is for reliable, year-round storm protection, there are additional benefits that will make your investment worthwhile. These include:

  • Extra protection against break-ins
  • Enhanced buffering against outside noise
  • Potential discounts on your homeowners insurance
  • Improved energy efficiency that can lead to lower cooling and heating costs

Moreover, when you trust NewSouth Window Solutions to outfit your Pensacola Beach home with industry-leading impact windows, you’ll benefit from our factory-direct approach. We’ll handle your entire window replacement project, providing expert assistance with your selection of windows that suit your taste, then following up with flawless installation services that meet Florida guidelines to ensure a reliable impact-resistant performance.

Contact us today to start your window selection process, or head over to the NewSouth Window Solutions showroom, conveniently located in nearby Pensacola.

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